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Bri-Bet Security Solutions, L.L.C. (Bri-Bet), was created to provide corporate/small businesses, private entities and the Federal, State, and local government agencies the opportunity to secure their assets with the most comprehensive, cutting edge and affordable security products and services in the Security Industry. At Bri-Bet, we offer the best products and services that solve any security issue.  Whether it is securing a building or large facility, protecting a person or persons, or just providing a safe and secure environment, Bri-Bet has your solution.

Bri-Bet is a unique company in that it not only offers total Security Solutions.  Bri-Bet and its law enforcement based staff have created a law enforcement Products, Services and Training Division, which allows Bri-Bet to offer total Law Enforcement Solutions.  Bri-Bet offers specialized law enforcement products, which have been tested, evaluated and proven to enhance law enforcement officials safety and performance on the job. Furthermore, Bri-Bet offers top quality, innovative, and professional Law Enforcement and Security Officer training by highly qualified instructors who are Federal (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) and State (Maryland Police Training Commission) certified.

Through Bri-Bet’s outstanding partnerships with companies such as Aevenia, Atlantic Tactical, Comm-Port, GPSit, InSight CCTV, Kroll International, the Maryland Bureau of Investigations, Smarter Security and VIEVU, Bri-Bet offers the best products and services in one place and most importantly, at affordable prices.  Add our alliances with top international law enforcement and security experts, Bri-Bet becomes the only Law Enforcement and Security Solutions Integrator you need.

Bri-Bet has adopted the Better Business Bureaus Code of Business Practices and Standards and is committed to providing our employees, partners, and most importantly our customers, with unquestioned and unparalleled loyalty and dedication.  Bri-Bet’s number one policy is Customer Satisfaction and Service and we are convinced well can earn your trust and confidence to keep you as a customer, for life, because at Bri-Bet Security Solutions, Our Solutions Are Your Security.

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Sirius ProStorm™ & Sirius SolarStorm™ power packages provide robust remote fully integrated power solutions. They are mobile, quiet, emissions & maintenance-free, high quality, and rugged, turnkey solutions that provide power to remote systems, anytime, anyplace. The tough, lightweight, and watertight case protects the EFOY Pro fuel cell
from harsh weather conditions (both cold or hot).

 Sirius ProStorm™ & Sirius SolarStorm™ are green solutions that reduce the volume of lead acid battery usage and heavy metal pollution. A bank of batteries is replaced with just one battery and our fuel cell. The reduction in batteries also reduces the direct cost (labor and
transportation) associated with maintaining banks of batteries in
remote or disperse locations.

 These new solutions are 'made to order' and a Sirius Integrator exclusive offering.

 The Sirius ProStorm™ uses the smaller Storm Case (Dimensions: 22" x 17" x 12.7") and can house the M5 or M10 Methanol Fuel Cartridge, a 12 or 24 volt battery (10ah-250ah), and the EFOY Fuel Cell.

 The Sirius SolarStorm™ is the larger Storm Case (Dimensions: 29.8" x 20.8" x 17.8") that houses the M5, M10, or M28 Methanol Fuel Cartridge, a 12 or 24 volt battery, and the EFOY Fuel Cell (any model).

 Other options include: Solar Panel (20W, permanent or removable) & Controller, Insulation (EPE Foam – R4), and temperature controlled fan.

 Coming Soon – 80w Solar Panel with controller on mounted Tripod

 Fuel Cartridge Level Sensor and Remote Monitoring also are optional add-ons for the EFOY Pro Fuel Cell System.


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