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Law Enforcement Products

The OnSight 360

The OnSight 360 is a new Rapid Deployment Video Surveillance System designed for law enforcement, security, and commercial applications. The OnSight 360 allows access to live and recorded video over WiFi and the internet. The OnSight records high quality video of the activities observed by the unit’s three 1.3 megapixel cameras and contains the video on its internal 500 GB Hard Drive. onsite360

The OnSight 360 has been tested and proven effective for large-scale areas needing surveillance. It can be easily transported and is perfect for law enforcement and security agencies to set up to monitor civil disturbances and gatherings such as demonstrations and/or riots and observe the activities at public gatherings such as concerts or sporting events. For commercial applications, the OnSight 360 can be used in large parking lots, in open fields, industrial areas, and construction sites, to name a few. With the OnSight 360’s lightweight and heavy duty construction, it can be taken and set up virtually anywhere.

The OnSight 360 Offers:

360 Degree Field of View using three (3) 1.3 megapixel cameras (*upgrades available)

Low Light Capability

Enhanced image quality

Upgradable megapixel cameras

Built in 500 GB Hard Drive (*upgrades available)

Temperature controlled fans

Built in battery back up

Low power usage (typically 40 W)


Color video

Full DVR capabilities

100 % Waterproof for use in all weather conditions

Unit detaches from rails for easy installation

External lights show power status

External grounding lug for protection from lightning strikes

Uses Pole Mount, Wall Mount, or can be mounted to a portable trailer

Easily Transported and Easy to install—Plug and Go

Remote Access with a static IP address on an Air Card or Wireless Internet

Requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista

Note: Rural areas may require an additional gain antenna

Contact Bri-Bet’s staff today and have one of our staff members provide you with online demonstration.

At Bri-Bet, our law enforcement and security based staff knows and understands the importance of an officer having the best gear at his/her disposal. Bri-Bet staff constantly searches the Law Enforcement product market to review new, innovative and technologically advanced products that are introduced. As active law enforcement officers, we personally test and evaluate each product Bri-Bet offers to determine if it will help ensure an officer's safety and allow him/her to conduct their duties more professionally. If the product meets our rigorous standards, you can be assured and we'll guarantee, it will meet yours.
Bri-Bet has partnered with companies such as Aevenia, Atlantic Tactical, Insight, and VIEVU to provide our law enforcement customers with the best specialized equipment on the market and we offer our products at affordable prices. 

Currently, Bri-Bet is offering five (5) products that we feel are just what an officer and department needs. They are:


The VIEVU PVR LE 2 is a WEARABLE video recording device designed specifically for use by law enforcement officers. The unit attaches to an officer using our secure “TRI-CLIP” design, and records police activities from the officer's perspective. a_Blue_uniformThe VIEVU captures vital high quality audio and video evidence on a built in 4GB memory card and allows officers to record police activities for future reporting and evidentiary documentation and presentation in court. Each unit’s video files are transferred automatically to a PC via the VIEVU “VERIPATROL” software and the USB port. Once downloaded to the PC, the officer can view the video files immediately and the software prevents tampering with any video file, which provides a secure chain of evidence log.
“This technology provides the officer with unquestioned evidentiary documentation for reporting and courtroom presentation. I am so convinced of the VIEVU’s ability,
I use it myself,” states Mr. Kunkel, President and CEO of Bri-Bet. 

Our system offers:

· Low light capability

· Enhanced image quality

· Digital signature for increased security

· 4 GB memory

· 4 hour recording time

· Date & Time stamp (GMT)

· VGA 640 x 480 video

· 30 frames per second

· Color video & audio

· Tri-clip design

· Waterproof for use in inclement weather (IPX5 standard)

· Low memory LED indicator

· Low battery LED indicator

· Green design

· RoHS, WEEE certified

· On/Off switch protects lens

· Requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista

· Download via USB

· For professional law enforcement users - meets IACP standards

- Does not interfere with other electronic equipment
- Does not hinder access to other tools carried by officers
- 71 degree field of view
- Tamperproof case
- Visible display indicating a recording device is in use

Army uniform

LE camera

CarKit Inside COLOR White

Car KIt

The MII Flashcam

With the touch of a button, you can switch the MII to the covert Night Vision Mode.
Covertly document nighttime investigations, arrests, searches and inventories, and crime-in-progress investigations. Great for establishing Probable Cause in DWI and DUI arrests. Covertly records field sobriety tests.MII Military II copy4
Tactical Night Vision Imaging. No more Monoculars or extra Night Vision gear needed.
Powerful, 880 Nanometer Infrared Illumination for complete covert viewing.
Record up to 60 Minutes of crystal clear covert Night Vision surveillance (video and audio).

In addition to all the incredible innovative features, the MII Flashcam, is in fact a very powerful flashlight.
It boasts a 85,000 Candlepower LED Flashlight, has instant ON/OFF, with approximately 3½ hours of continuous operation.
With manual brightness control, and not to forget the water resistance, and shock resistant design, this flashlight will get the job done.

Model: The MII Flashcam®
Color: Black Matte (Non-glare)
Dimensions: 17" Long
Weight: 2.2 lbs
Battery: Nickel Metal Hydride 12-Volt, 2.4 amp hour. Rechargeable up to 1,000 times. Extra Battery Packs Sold Separately.
Battery Run Time: 4.5 Hours Flashlight Only. - 3.5 Hours (Camera and Flashlight)
Charger: 12-Volt Vehicle Charger, 110 Volt Charger Docking Station Included.
Structural Design: Aircraft Aluminum 6061 T-6. Anti-corrosion interior and exterior. Polycarbonate lens. Waterproof and Shockproof.
Normal Illumination: 3-5 Watt, Hi-Flux LED's. 75 Lumens (Cool white light) 85,000 Total Maximum Candlepower. Brightness Control Button.
LED Lamp Life (white): Unbreakable LED's provide more than 100,000 Hours of Trouble Free Life.
Infrared Illumination: 880 Nanometer, Covert Infrared Illumination (Non-visible to the Human Eye)
Camera Specifications: Image Sensor: 1/3" CMOS - Color/Black and White Camera
Minimum Illumination 0.008 Lux
Sync System: Internal/External
Resolution: 480 TV Lines Day and Night (hi-rez 640x480 - low-rez 320x240)
Snapshots - 3 Megapixel
Number of Pixels: 768(H) x 494 (V)
Lens: 5.0mm
Power: Supply 12V
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty


MII Top View copy4

MII Top View

MII Flashcam3

MII Flashcam

Licence Plate Capture is specifically engineered to deliver high quality, human readable images of license plates under all lighting conditions. INEX/ZAMIR, the recognized leader in Automatic License Plate Recognition Technology, has applied its engineering expertise and know-how to deliver high quality images of license plates to create a line of license plate capture cameras for use with DVRS.

License Plate Capture:

A common complaint by security professionals is that their current camera solution specifically deployed for recording vehicle license plates does not deliver reliable results. The average outdoor installation undergoes chplatecamanging lighting conditions over the period of a day. A typical camera deployment is set up for an average condition. The result is washed out or too dark images, unusable for the purpose they were destined for: being able to read the license plate number. 

The License Plate Capture offers"

-  Proven ALPR technology now available

  in a hand held portable configuration

-  Ideal for parking violation enforcement,

  parking facility inventory and a variety of
  police applications

-  Greater efficiency and throughput over
  manual data input solutions

-  High resolution sensor optimized for true
  day or night License Plate Recognition

-  Models available for high-speed and distance applications

-  Provides up to 60 progressive scan images per second

Nearly every police agency in the country has or has looked into installing in-car camera systems in their department's police cruisers. In-car camera systems can improve citizens' confidence in the police profession, enhance the ability to capture and convict violators, record inappropriate police behavior, and provide valuable data in our efforts to ensure homeland security. It is becoming documented that public safety will benefit from having in-car video cameras available to all police officers. Bri-Bet offers an In Car Digital Video System that will meet every department's needs.

The Police In-Car Digital Video System:


Our system offers:

 1-4 Channels MPEG-4 Video and Audio
- Integrated GPS / Input for Radar
- Hide or Show Meta Data: Date, Time, Radar, Sensor, Vehicle ID
- Zoom Camera with AUTO-TOUCH ZOOM
- Displays to Touch Screen Monitor or On-Board PC
- Wireless Upload of Video / Data
- Wireless and Covert Microphones
- High Performance Back End Software Designed to IACP Specifications
- And it's compatible with the AdSec Police Interview System
Contact Bri-Bet today for more information on this outstanding system.

GPSit - The Premier Covert GPS Tracking System

The GPSit™ Covert GPS Tracking System is a web-based platform for the management and tracking of battery operated AGPS tracking devices. It provides precise positioning information in a dramatically more reliable solution, including operation in many indoor, underground and impaired environments that completely block conventional tracking systems. Accuracy in a clear sky view environment is often within 3-5 meters.fs1-250
The system integrates three core components into one turnkey system:
Battery operated AGPS tracking devices, sensors and accessories
Wireless networks
Web-based mapping application
Our tracking devices, such as the GPSit FS1, are co-engineered in partnership with leading AGPS tracking device providers and then enhanced as needed to meet the requirements for covert surveillance applications.

We partner with cellular network providers to ensure the maximum available signal coverage, enabling the tracking devices to reliably report back their location and status to our data center. Current network providers include Sprint in the US, Telus in Canada and IUSACELL in Mexico.
The GPSit TrackFusion™ web-based mapping application was designed from the ground up to address the requirements of covert surveillance operations. It provides for robust device location mapping within street, satellite and hybrid views, geofencing, and sophisticated alerting, notification and reporting technologies.

These components are all seamlessly integrated and fully supported so that our customers can focus on their most pressing challenges without needing to worry about the integrity of their Covert GPS Tracking System.

FS1 Battery Powered Covert GPS Tracker
Overview of the battery operated GPSit FS1 covert tracking device
The FS1 is the world's first and smallest fully integrated battery powered GPS tracker using Qualcomm's patented CDMA gpsOne™ technology. The FS1 provides the most accurate location capability, even in impaired environments such as inside semi-trailers, underneath autos and within closed packages - all without the use of external antennas. The FSI is based upon the battery operated GPS + A-GPS Sendum PT200, and enhanced by GPSit for covert tracking applications.
"Using the GPSit FS1, we are able to save our department numerous hours of overtime, increase investigator efficiency and achieve profitable return on our investment. GPSit is another tool in our investigator toolbox".
- Captain Derek Webster, Covina PD, Los Angeles County.


FS1 Technology and Capability

Integrated CDMA and gpsOne™ Assisted GPS
Very small with ruggedized enclosure: 3.5/16th “ x 1.75” x 15/16” (size of a business card)
Integrated internal antennas optimized for GPS and data sensitivity
Rechargeable, replaceable high capacity lithium ion battery packs
1900mah battery for 10 days always on usage
3800mah battery for 21 days always on usage
24ah battery for 60 days always on usage
BREW programming environment permitting custom applications development
Location fixes on demand or automatic reporting cycle by time of day, day of week
Status reports of battery level, network signal, temperature and low battery alert notification
Device based geo-fence permitting 100's of locations
Programmable deep sleep mode to conserve battery life and reduce network usage
Programmable LED for battery level and network coverage
Supports CDMA User Plane and Control Plane technologies

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