Our Organization

Since 2004, L.C. Begin & Associates has drafted and filed hundreds of patent applications in the U.S. and in foreign jurisdictions. We have obtained numerous patents and extensive patent protection for a wide variety of clients, from multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 corporations to individual inventors.


Our attorneys have extensive legal experience in both the prosecution and litigation of intellectual property matters, and also extensive experience in both corporate engineering and management.

 As a result, we are able to communicate with engineers and management personnel more efficiently and effectively than attorneys that lack our breadth of experience.

Because of our engineering experience, our legal experience and our familiarity with our clients’ technologies and operating requirements, we can readily prepare patent, copyright, and trademark applications, and other legal documents in a reasonable response time. Further, because of the internal systems we have developed to ensure the quality and efficiency of our work product, we are able to process a relatively large volume of work in a relatively short turn around time, while maintaining the quality our clients expect.

These factors, combined with the fact that our overhead is much lower than that of most other firms means that L.C. Begin & Associates, as a firm, has a very high experience-to-cost ratio. This translates into responsive, cost-effective, high-quality service for our clients and helps make us a valuable asset to our clients.